NFL Draft

Series of illustrations commissioned by the NFL to be used online and on social media during the 2015 NFL Draft

 Pick #1 - Jameis Winston, QB (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
Pick #2 - Marcus Mariota, QB (Tennessee Titans)
Pick #3 - Dante Fowler, LB (Jacksonville Jaguars)
Pick #4 - Amari Cooper, WR (Oakville Raiders)
Pick #6 - Leonard Williams, DT (New York Jets)
Pick #7 - Kevin White, WR (Chicago Bears)
Pick #10 - Todd Gurley, RB (St. Louis Rams)
Pick #11 - Trae Waynes,CB (Minnesota Vikings)
Pick #15 - Melvin Gordon, RB (San Diego Chargers)
Pick #23 - Shane Ray, DE (Denver Broncos)
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